Now Available

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You can now Buy the Double DVD set featuring the award-winning film, When Voices Meet, plus the USA Concert Tour, The Peace Train Tour Across America: Quantity 1 set of 2-DVDs $30.00 USD2 sets of 2-DVDs $60.00 USD3 sets of 2-DVDs $85.00 USD Share...

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Distribution through Wonderphil Entertainment

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When Voices Meet is now distributed through San Francisco-based Wonderphil Entertainment. For sales and theatrical distribution, please contact or phone 310.482.1324.  Wonderphil Entertainment     Share...

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Director to attend screening at Omaha Film Festival

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Director Nancy Sutton Smith will speak at the screening of When Voices Meet at the Omaha Film Festival on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 11:45 AM.  When Voices Meet is one of only 6 documentaries selected by this festival. Share...

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2016 Tour on The Peace Train across America

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Modeled on The Peace Train’s highly successful projects in South Africa which united people in a spirit of peace, respect and mutual understanding, The Peace Train 2016 Tour Across America: Diverse Voices Singing in Harmony, is bringing together youth and adults of all backgrounds to sing about their shared values and hopes for a better future for all. Ever since the August 2015 release of When Voices Meet, we’ve received impassioned calls from throughout the US. The film has inspired people to re-examine the issues currently dividing Americans and to do something constructive about improving human relations and social justice. Although the tour is primarily for youthful choirs/singers, we also welcome families and people of all ages who want to help sing, chaperone the youth, provide host homes at various stops, or assist with the tour logistics. Beginning in Ferguson and St. Louis, The Peace Train 2016 Tour Across America: Diverse Voices Singing in Harmony will give performances and pick up additional singers and supportive passengers at each stop along its route including Chicago, Cleveland, Albany, New York City, Jersey City, Trenton, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. To find out more or get onboard, email: Share...

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President’s Award

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At the star-studded 30th Anniversary Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, When Voices Meet was competing with films by Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Michael Moore, Loretta Swit and over 100 films from 36 countries including by Oscar, Golden Globe and Cannes winners. What a huge honor to receive the President’s Award for the most inspirational film! Share...

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Winner of 2015 Audience Award

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At the 24th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival, we were competing against directors Michael Moore and Charlie Kaufman and films such as Brooklyn and Carol which were produced by major motion picture studios. But out of 101 films, When Voices Meet was the most beloved and won the 2015 Audience Award. Thank you Philadelphia!!! Share...

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Ferguson Delegation Attends Screening

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A highlight of the 24th Annual St. Louis International Film Festival was when a delegation of community leaders, youth and educators from Ferguson sat with a Lieutenant from the St. Louis Police Department to watch When Voices Meet and then talk about the need for a project like The Peace Train in their community. Always ready to do more, Sharon Katz agreed on the spot and The Peace Train 2016 tour across America was born! Share...

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Best Documentary Award

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What an emotional few days at the Jersey City International TV & Film Festival as Nonhlanhla Wanda, Sharon Katz, Wendy Khethiwe Quick and Marilyn Cohen taught a local choir from Golden Door Charter School to sing in Zulu and then invited them to perform with Sharon Katz & The Peace Train at the Opening Night ceremony! The next night, it was a standing ovation following the screening of When Voices Meet. Then the icing on the cake came at the Closing Day festivities when the film was awarded Best Documentary. Share...

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Toronto Bestows the MADA Award

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In Toronto this week at the 10th Anniversary Global Community Film Festival (COMMFFEST), When Voices Meet was honored with the festival’s top MADA award for making a difference in the world. South African Consul General in Toronto, Nyameko Goso, introduced the film and then encouraged people everywhere “to do more to make the world a better place for all.” On hand to accept the award were composer and co-star Sharon Katz; story consultant and co-star Nonhlanhla Wanda; and Executive Producer Marilyn Cohen. Share...

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Screening at 17 Festivals

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When Voices Meet has now been selected by 17 film festivals from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. At a time when racial tensions are so high in North America, we’re honored to be taking Nelson Mandela’s message across the world with this film. Recent selections include St. Louis International Film Festival on November 7; Philadelphia Film Festival in October; Chicago International Film Festival on September 19; Toronto’s Global Community Film Festival COMMFFEST on September 26; Jersey City International TV & Film Festival on October 18; YoFi Fest in Yonkers on October 25; Teaneck International Film Festival on November 8; Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival on November 21; and Waimea Ocean Film Festival in Hawaii in January 2016. Share...

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